A Look Back:14 Night Japanese Explorer Cruise on the Celebrity Millennium

Japan has always been one the the places that I have wanted to explore; however, it is one of the more challenging places to visit for people with Celiac disease. Gluten is extremely prevelant in Japanese dishes, and cross contamination is an extreme issue. It is for that reason that I determined and choose to explore Japan via cruiseship as  the simplest, safest,  and most stress free way for myself to travel around the country. There is nothing worse than getting extremely sick and dealing with the aftermath of being glutinated and ruining my vacation.

Arriving a few days early into Tokyo allowed time to recuperate from jetlag and get accustom to the local timezone. It also allowed to experience teamLab Borderless Instragramable hotspot experience, as well as take an early morning stroll through the Sensoji Temple prior to arrival of all of the tourists. This trip was over two years in the making, and happended to fall a few weeks prior to Golden Week and  Emperor Naruhito taking the throne, so the crowds increased at an already busy time.



The newly referbished Celebrity Millennium would be home for the next 15 days.



Shimizu would be the first port of call, and thanks to good fortune, Mt. Fuji could be seen during the early morning.  A visit to Kunozan Toshogu Shrine via Ropeway rounded out a brief tour.



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An overnight in Kobe allowed for a visit to a temple and a castle



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In Kochi, many stairs were involved hitting the major city hightlights, including Katsurahama Beach, Ryugado Cave, and Kochi Castle.



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During the stop at Hiroshima, a trip to Miyajima to see the floating Tori Gates and explore the island, all while trying to keep the local deer from grabbing anything out of your hands in which they thought was food.


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Jeju Island, South Korea was a full day that only provide a highlight of the island.



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Busan was another full day visiting Gyeongju’s tombs, temples, and the national open air museum.



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Back in Japan a call in Hakodate allowed for a cable ride on Mt Hakodate Ropeway provided views of the port and city above. a visit to the Onuma Quasi National Park, and a stop at the Goryokaku Tower.



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With peak cherry blossoms and favorable weather, a visit to Hirosaki Castle while stopping in Aomori was the highlight of the trips. Pictures do not do this place justice, and it is best experienced in person.


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Back in Yokohama, a short trip to Kamakura  to visit Kotokuin Temple and see and go inside the giant Buddha before making the long flight home.

Giant Buddha at Kotokuin Temple



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